MagicRefs changes history

VERSION 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3

- NEW! Insert images from the panel back into Photoshop document
- Deep integration with Photoshop
- Drag'n'drop folders - directly from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder
- Add image from web
- View all images at once in a flow with zoom
- Colored groups
- Zoom, flip and edit selected image, use eyedropper
- Animated GIF Video support! With frame-by-frame control
- Link sets of images to PSD documents
- Keep all data in the cloud of your choice

NEW IN v1.1:
- Insert images from the panel into Photoshop document using new "Insert into document" button
- Optimized display of the images when there are 1000 assets and more
- Improved image naming on Windows
- Fixed linking images with Photoshop documents on CS5 and CS6
- Fixed random problem with scrolling of large images when zooming in
- Fixed UI behavior in various scenarios

NEW IN v1.2:
- UI Performance improved, invalid signature ("The extension could not be loaded because it
  was not signed correctly") issue fixed

NEW IN v1.3:
- Now you can navigate between previous/next images in full image mode by using buttons on the toolbar,
or keyboard shortcuts
- New keyboard shortcuts to switch next/previous image in full image mode
- Now MagicRefs remembers the last image selected when opening the panel again
- MagicRefs window now stays active after adding images using file system dialog
- Fixed an issue with inserting images from MagicRefs into document on some Windows configurations
- Fixed issues with Compact Mode on all configurations
- Improved compatibility with Photoshop 2020
- Improved Keyboard Shortcut detection for various keyboard layouts
- Fixed problem with first brush stroke's pressure/opacity when using keyboard shortcuts

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