MagicRefs manual

Cheat Sheet:
MagicSquire Screenshot Cheat Sheet
"Comic Strip" mode:
MagicSquire Comic Strip mode

Full (single) Image mode:
MagicSquire Full (single) Image mode

Keyboard Shortcuts:

MagicRefs supports assigning keyboard shortcuts to the following features (via Settings dialog):

New Image from Clipboard – paste current clipboard contents as new Image. Note: To paste image from Photoshop you need to force Photoshop to export its clipboard. You do that by switching away from Photoshop to any other software and then switching back
Toggle Full Image – expand current image to whole panel
Display Next Image – expand next image from current group to whole panel
Display Prev. Image – expand previous image from current group to whole panel
Toggle Eyedropper – activate eyedropper in full/single image mode
Full Image Mirror H – mirror image horizontally
Full Image Mirror V – mirror image vertically
Full Image Zoom In – zoom in expanded image
Full Image Zoom Out – zoom out expanded image
New Image – add image or folder
New Group – new group of images
Switch Collection – switch current collection of groups
Toggle History – display history of selected images
Compact Mode – activate Compact Mode that hides MagicRefs into an icon and auto-displays it when hovering mouse over it
Thumbnails Larger by – increase thumbnail size
Thumbnails Smaller by – decrease thumbnail size
Toggle MagicRefs – toggle panel on/off with a shortcut

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