Upgrade to MagicRefs 1
Life is easy with Reference Images in Adobe Photoshop
MagicRefs 1.3 lets insert images into Photoshop document, fixes issues, speeds up handling of 1000s of image assets and more

In version 1.3:
- Now you can navigate between previous/next images in full image mode by using buttons on the toolbar, or keyboard shortcuts
- New keyboard shortcuts to switch next/previous image in full image mode
- Now MagicRefs remembers the last image selected when opening the panel again
- MagicRefs window now stays active after adding images using file system dialog

- Fixed an issue with inserting images from MagicRefs into document on some Windows configurations
- Fixed issues with Compact Mode on all configurations
- Improved compatibility with Photoshop 2020
- Improved Keyboard Shortcut detection for various keyboard layouts
- Fixed problem with first brush stroke's pressure/opacity when using keyboard shortcuts
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Insert images from the panel into Photoshop document! Use the new button on the toolbar.