MixColors changes history
NEW IN v4.1/v4.0

    - NEW! NEW LOOK! MixColors is redesigned to attenuate current color and accent mixing
    - NEW: Fine-tune the default mixing amount/paint load using new slider on top. Works globally -
      on main color mixers, swatches, etc. Adjust it on the fly or click "Default" button to get
      back to default
    - NEW! Extracts color palette to swatches/colors from any image in Photoshop. Just click
       a new button on the toolbar and specify number of colors. Works on selected Layer.
       Adds all colors from main color palette into currently selected color group.
       - Use together with Collections to have palettes of all your projects at hand
    - NEW! Auto-assigns human readable color names to swatches (if set in Settings)
    - NEW: Assign Keyboard Shortcuts to individual swatches! Right-click on swatch
      - Also re-assign shortcuts from Settings
    - NEW! Collections:
      - Combine several groups of colors in a collection and then switch
        between group combinations with one click or keyboard shortcut.
      NEW: Use new Collection Editor from the menu -> Collections

    - NEW! Saves/loads swatches from a settings file in your Documents folder,
       Path can be reset and changed
       Can be backed up
     - Smarter Cloud Sync! Use new option in Settings to relocate MixColors data to a cloud of your choice
    - NEW! Color history is never lost! Now saved to Settings and restored when it's re-opened
       Enable/disable in Settings
    - NEW: Clear Color History by clicking a new button at the end of it
    - NEW! Mix Colors of the vector shapes! Click Menu -> Colorize Shapes & Text
    - NEW! Localization: Chinese, Spanish
    - NEW! Keyboard shortcuts:
     - Switch Collection

    - Improved Keyboard Shortcut handling with multiple Photoshop Workspaces
    - New updated and speeded up modern UI framework, that supports all modern GPU features
    - Optimized for better power management on laptops, Surface devices and MacBooks
    - Still supports Adobe CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 (also CC, CC2014, CC2015, CC2017, CC2019, CC2020, CC2021+)
    - Optimized to support latest Photoshop 2021
    - Better support of Surface Book and Surface Pro
    - Better support of non-Wacom tablets
    - More than 23 keyboard shortcuts for faster and more handy color adjustment
    - Improved UI performance in different scenarios
    - Fixed various minor UI problems
    - Improved loading speed
    - Optimized to work with macOS Catalina, new Windows 10 updates
    - Correctly works with XDR and HDR displays (on OpenGL supported GPUs)
    - All improvements implemented by real-life users' feedback

    NEW IN v4.1:
    - Improved color extraction on complex photos
    - Now correctly handles scenario when extracting color palette from effect
      and other layers non-image layers (won't extract).
    - Better grouping of frequent Collections of Groups
    - More auto Color Names now supported for more colors
    - New design now even more fine tuned
    - Better localization to Chinese and Spanish

NEW IN v3.0/v3.1

   NEW! Smart Color Groups - next generation of color swatches. Auto-gradient between Photoshop
        foreground & background or between any colors! Easily get colors inbetween. Smart resizing of the groups
        so you have only the swatches you need. Shift+click to mix to current color.

   NEW! Clear Color History, Undo/Redo colors with Keyboard Shorcuts
   NEW! Quickly add color swatches to the mix with Shift+click! Drag'n'drop swatches to the mixing area,
        single-click to set current color
   NEW! Easily assign Keyboard Shortcuts using integrated Keyboard Shortcuts dialog wih new features:
    - Add new Color Swatch
    - Add new Color Group
    - Create new Smart Color Group
    - Add Foreground Color into Color Mix
    - Clear Color History
    - Undo/Redo Color (Navigate Color History, click to get back to older colors you chose for Photoshop Foreground)
    - Pick Color from Color Mix into History
    - Turn on Mix Eyedropper mode
    - Toggle Auto-Sync mode
    - Mix colors from each of 3 Mixers with main color (no matter if Auto-sync is on)
    - Mix colors from each of 3 Mixers with Photoshop Foreground (no matter if Auto-sync is off)
    - Load colors into each of 3 Mixers
    - Mix colors from each of 3 Mixers with main color and then update mixer with this color
    - Open/Close MixColors panel
   All shortcuts are assignable straight inside MixColors Settings in an easy-to-use dialog (one click away settings).
   Follow our tutorials for troubleshooting and additional details:

   NEW! Right-click menu allows you to edit swatch color, edit name or quickly assign background, foreground or
    main color to the swatch.

   NEW! Increadibly fast UI - uses new MagicPicker framework. Faster resizing, faster redraws, very responsive
   NEW! Hide upper part of the panel with mixers and use only swatch grouping
   NEW! Rearrange groups with drag'n'drop!

   Drag'n'drop swatches between groups greatly improved
   Improved compatibility with all recent Adobe updates including CC2018
   Improved CloudSync - sync color swatches with our servers
   Improved panel behavior and fixed all visual, drag'n'drop and other issues by your feedback
   Color History is now scrolled to the end of the list when new color is chosen
   Color History scrollbar is now smaller to clean up screen real estate
   Fixed click problems with eyedroppers under color mixers
   Improved design of the panel by your feedback
   MixColors 3 features slightly modified modern-looking icon
   Improved "delete swatch" button behavior in various scenarios
   * 3.1 - UI Performance improved, invalid signature ("The extension could not be loaded because it
     was not signed correctly") issue fixed

NEW IN v2.0/2.1/2.2/2.3/2.4
- Adobe Photoshop CC 2015+ and CC 2014 support -
  MixColors has been rewritten from scratch to support new Adobe Creatve Cloud platform
- Color groups - the most simple and intuitive color group management with drag'n'drop support
- Sync colors and color groups with the Cloud - safe 256-bit encryption on the server side!
- Color mixing improved - next-gen color mixing formula for faster and more accurate results
- A lot fix fixes and performance improvements by your feedback
- Fixed different bugs with the swatches
- Swatches field got a darker background
- New icon
- History button state is now preserved between panel launches
- Improved export/import of swatches into/from Photoshop
- Improved dragging and dropping of swatches
- Improved large/small swatch size modes
- Improved color group handling
- Speeded up!
- Improved compatibility with recent updates to Adobe Creative Cloud
- Improved Compact Mode
- Minor improvements and fixes to the UI
- Fixed blank panel and signature problems on Photoshop CS6

NEW IN v1.2
- New improved design
- Improved color mixing algorithm
- Full compatibility with Adobe Creative Cloud and Photoshop CC
- Performance improvements
- Improved panel behavior when it's very small
- UI improvements for small displays
- UI optimizations

NEW IN v1.1
- Open speed is increased dramatically 
- Full Photoshop CS6 Dark UI support
- now the panel can be extremely scaled down vertically so only color swatches 
  are visible and nothing else             
- Calibrated monitors support on Mac OS X 10.8+ and Windows 7+
- Photoshop Swatches bug fix on CS5.5 and lower 
- Fixed bug with mixing very close colors
- small bug fixes and speed improvements

- Mixes colors like it is in real life! - physically-accurate color mixing -
  oils/pastels/watercolor/etc emulation for paints. Works very fast with 
  the new complex color mixing engine. 
- Mix color directly with photoshop eyedropper! - pick a color and it quickly 
  mixes to the current one - the most intuitive color mixing ever
- Displays history of all colors you used (along with undo/redo buttons for
- Compact Mode! Panel takes only 2cm of the screen and expands automatically
  when mouse is over it
- Attach other panels (like MagicPicker) and use two panels as one
  (very convenient in Compact Mode) - from the menu
- Color swatches - prepare colors like you do it on real life palette
  and mix them 
- Drop swatches from the bottom line to mix them to current color
- Add/Delete swatches with ease
- Change size of the swatches from the menu
- Quickly adjust the amount of paint for mixing
  (With long-mouse-click)
- Mix color with black, increase/decrease saturation with two sliders
- Import/export colors from/to Photoshop swatches
- Mix colors from Photoshop by clicking directly on the color box on the panel

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