Upgrade to MagicTints 2
1-click Color Matching and correction
MagicTints 2.5 fully supports latest CC 2021+, lightning fast with LUT export

New Desktop Standalone for macOS/Windows! →  Upgrade below ↓
MagicTints: Advanced CPU cores and GPU acceleration support
MagicTints color matching is 7x faster in GPU mode in Adobe Photoshop
MagicTints 2 iconMagicTintsMagicTints 2 is realtime
GPU & CPU breakthrough 7-10x speedup
Creativity is Speed! MagicTints 2 allows to quickly test your ideas & match colors in realtime. Accelerated by your Graphics Processor & CPU cores
macOS and Windows: Intel Core i3, i5, i7, i9 supported, AMD Ryzen & Threadpiper, Athlon. Video GPUs: Intel Iris, GeForce GTX 260, GTX 400, 500 series, GeForce RTX 10, 20, 30 Series and up, Tesla C/S 1060 and up, Quadro FX 4800 and 5800 CPUs, AMD Radeon HD 4350, 5450, 6450 and up, FirePro V8750, V8700, V7750, V5700 and V3750, V8800, V7800, V5800, V4800 and V3800, Mobility Radeon HD 4300, HD 5430, HD 6330M and up, Mobility FirePro M7740, M7820 and M5800, FireStream 9270 and 9250, Mobility FirePro supported:
MagicTints Apply Contrast while matching colors icon

Apply Contrast from reference
Apply Overall Contrast from reference in one click
Click new "Apply Contrast" button and MagicTints will apply contrast of the source image to the selected layer
MagicTints, create LUT from two images, icon
Generate LUTs.
Apply to video, 3D, anything!
MagicTints generates LUTs supported by Lightroom, Unity, Unreal Engine, Final Cut etc

Color Grading Revolution!

Directly create grading LUT from a target image. Just click "Generate LUT"! Use LUTs in any software, Unity, Lightroom, Unreal Engine, etc. Generate .CUBE or .PNG in seconds
Paste Color Reference from Clipboard in Photoshop for color matching Paste Ref Image from Clipboard
Quickly add color source from the web, or screenshots etc. Use Keyboard Shortcut assigned from Settings.
Color Swatches in MagicTints Grade Better With Plain ColorsAssigning 1,2,3 or more predefined colors to the image works much better
More updates and new features:
MagicTints 2 Screenshot: Color Match two images and create LUT
Faster UI
2021 support
powered by OpenCL/Metal
Surface Pro optimized
MacBook Pro optimized
Wacom Support
non-Wacom tablets improvements
UI Fixes
Faster Loading
Windows 10 updates support
macOS Bug Sur support
HDR & XDR displays optimized
Optimized for older computers
Energy Saving support
All available on Photoshop CC2014, CC2015, CC2017, CC2018, CC2019, 2020, 2021+
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MagicTints - 1 click color correction

Also in this version (version history)

• Improved generated LUT, .CUBE files now can be open by more software including Alien Skin and others • Now restores original Blending Mode of the Layers in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign • Now works correctly on all versions of Illustrator and InDesign • Improved thumbnail scaling • Improved UI here and there • Fixed a rare problem with activation in Illustrator • Desktop: Now reflects OS color theme changes (dark/light) dynamically on macOS & Windows • Desktop: Improved drag'n'drop of images on the panel • Desktop: Better support for saving .jpg, .tif, .webp files • Desktop: Removed unnecessary main menu items (including double "Save As") • Desktop: Fixed activation when there are international characters (Japanese, Chinese, etc) in the name • Desktop: Fixed color picker for group colors, now working • Advanced option to relocate Data folder from Settings (by clicking Browse) • "Create new layers" button now lights up on panel start if it was activated before • "Add new image" button is now consistent with Photoshop UI on CC2020/2021+ • Improved inserting images from Photoshop on some international platforms • Improved Keyboard Shortcut handling with multiple Photoshop Workspaces • New updated and speeded up modern UI framework, that supports all modern GPU features • Optimized for better power management on laptops, Surface devices and MacBooks • Optimized to run on older computers • Better support of Surface Book and Surface Pro • Better support of non-Wacom tablets • Improved UI performance in different scenarios • Fixed various minor UI problems • Optimized to work with macOS Big Sur, new Windows 10 updates