MagicTints changes history

FEATURES in v2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5

- NEW! MagicTints now can work without Adobe CC. Check out new MagicTints Desktop for macOS and Windows.

- NEW! Incredible speed improvement - 7x-10x faster
Greatly improved color matching speed on macOS and Windows.
Especially for high resolution images of 6000x6000px, 8000x8000px etc and higher.
 - Image processing is much faster
 - Image loading is much faster
 - Uses newer CPUs parallel features of Intel (Core i3, i5, i7, i9) and AMD (Athlon, Ryzen & Threadpiper etc)
 - Uses GPU acceleration of NVidia and AMD videocards for unprecedented speeds
 - Easily processes images of high resolution
 In addition:
 - Better GPU and advanced CPU detection are now clearly visible on the panel
 - You can see how speed is improved by hovering your mouse over those buttons
 - You can click on the GPU icon to disable GPU acceleration

- NEW! Color-grading revolution - MagicTints now exports LUT tables.
 - 1-click Primary Color grading is now possible
 - Pick an image as color reference and create a Color-Lookup-Table (LUT) to convert any image to that color
 - Click new "Generate LUT" button on the toolbar to generate a LUT from selected images
 - Use created LUT in Unity, Unreal Engine, Premiere, Final Cut, AfterEffects, Lightroom,
   Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve - any software that supports LUTs
 - Apply result from MagicTints to the whole Video Footage or a batch of images
 - Or use it in hardware LUT Boxes
 - Works both for Video Production and color grading of still images
 - Exports .CUBE and unwarped .PNG (for Unity/Unreal Engine)
 - Supports arbitrary LUT sizes: 17x17x17, 25x25x25, 16x256 etc.
 - Enter any LUT size in Settings

- NEW! New advanced color grading algorithm now can apply contrast from color reference
 - Click new "Apply Contrast" button on the left to "Apply" button to activate this mode
 - In this mode MagicTints will apply contrast of the source image to the selected layer
 - Transfer look from print to negative or from a high-contrast image to low-contrast automagically
 - Combining this with LUT export you can apply contrast in your Video Editing software on the whole footage

- NEW! Better color matching to Swatches. If you use plain color swatches as color source you will see much
  better results
 - Easily assign 1,2,3 or more predefined colors to the image, now works much better

- NEW! Paste color references from Clipboard.
 - Use Settings to assign it to a Keyboard Shortcut

- Advanced option to relocate Data folder from Settings (by clicking Browse)
- "Create new layers" button now lights up on panel start if it was activated before
- "Add new image" button is now consistent with Photoshop UI on CC2020/2021+
- Improved inserting images from Photoshop on some international platforms
- Improved Keyboard Shortcut handling with multiple Photoshop Workspaces
- New updated and speeded up modern UI framework, that supports all modern GPU features
- Optimized for better power management on laptops, Surface devices and MacBooks
- Optimized to run on older computers
- Supports Adobe Photoshop CC2014, CC2015, CC2017, CC2019, CC2020, CC2021+
- Better support of Surface Book and Surface Pro
- Better support of non-Wacom tablets
- Improved UI performance in different scenarios
- Fixed various minor UI problems
- Optimized to work with macOS Big Sur, new Windows 10 updates
- Correctly works with XDR and HDR displays (on OpenGL supported GPUs)
- All improvements implemented by real-life users' feedback

- Now correctly works in the environment with two-byte characters (like Chinese)
- LUT 128x128x128 is now possible! Now correctly exports large LUTs of 64x64x64, 72x72x72, 128x128x128 etc..
- LUT generation is much faster
- LUTs are now much more precise, especially on big sizes (fixed problems with desaturation and banding)
- Now there are no limits on source image size when creating a LUT
- The GPU icon on the top is now less visible when GPU processing is disabled - to distinguish between sates
- Fixed a problem with partial color matching on AMD GPUs
- Fixed a problem with some LUTs (like 17x17x17 and 128x128x128) not opening in Photoshop and 3D/Video software

- Desktop version! (A separate product)
- Improved CPU/GPU detection and handling
- Improved UI when processing images
- Allowed linking groups to current document only on Photoshop (Link icon next to group's name)
- Added new keyboard shortcut to Generate LUT
- Improved messaging and links to MagicTints manual

- Improved generated LUT, .CUBE files now can be open by more software including Alien Skin and others
- Now restores original Blending Mode of the Layers in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
- Now works correctly on all versions of Illustrator and InDesign
- Improved thumbnail scaling
- Improved UI here and there
- Fixed a rare problem with activation in Illustrator
- Desktop: Now reflects OS color theme changes (dark/light) dynamically on macOS & Windows
- Desktop: Improved drag'n'drop of images on the panel
- Desktop: Better support for saving .jpg, .tif, .webp files
- Desktop: Removed unnecessary main menu items (including double "Save As")
- Desktop: Fixed activation when there are international characters (Japanese, Chinese, etc) in the name
- Desktop: Fixed color picker for group colors, now working

- NEW languages! Added UI Localization for the following languages: Chinese, Spanish
- Fixed compatibility with new Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 22.5+
- Greatly improved update process on Desktop (macOS/Windows)
- Improved UI/GPU support here and there

- Faster UI
- Fixed a problem when Preferences/Settings weren't displayed in Standalone Desktop version in some scenarios
- Fixed a problem with the images didn't open sometimes

FEATURES in v1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4

- MagicTints is a color matching software that applies colors from one image to another
in a single click without any LUTs or adjustment layers.
Just select the color source image and click "Apply". MagicTints will do the rest.
- Bring multiple images/layers to the color and aesthetics of existing image
- Switch lighting conditions or mood of any concept art, photo or texture
- Bring objects to background/matte color in 1 click
- Keep original light, micro-contrast, dynamic range, subtle details
- Forget LUTs. No late night tuning. Works in seconds
- Smartest color correction ever! Accuracy on subpixel level. Machine Learning core handles 8K+ resolutions
- Allows to bring images & layers into the panel, bring images from panel into document
- Displays history of chosen images
- Allows to duplicate layer/image before applying colorization to it
- Allows to change image group label color
- Allows to change thumbnail size of color reference images and show them full size (on double-click)
- Supports Keyboard Shortcuts (tuned from MagicTints menu -> Keyboard Shortcuts) for the following
features: Add Image, New Group, Toggle History, Increase/Decrease Thumbnail size, Toggle MagicTints panel,
Apply colorization to image/layers
- Allows to link one of the image group to current document, so the color reference images are only visible
when document is open
- Allows to change folder with color reference images and keep it on any 3rd party service like
Dropbox or Google Drive

- Now duplicated layers are renamed to "New" instead of original layers being renamed to "Old"
- Better caching/handling of the color reference images
- Better handling of visible layers in hidden Photoshop Groups
- Fixed handling of Clipping Mask layers
- Improved color matching speed
- Added new experimental option for Trimming layers on color matching (in Settings)
- Fix for clicking on colored swatches (now doesn't delete it) when adding a palette
- Minor UI fixes
- Various improvements here and there

- Now you can create color palettes (instead of using color source images) on InDesign and Illustrator
- Improved color matching on older CPUs, improved messaging
- Fixed permission problems when running on macOS 10.15 Catalina

- Improved compatibility with CC 2020, fixed file open dialog
- Improved UI performance
- Improved Keyboard Shortcut detection for various keyboard layouts
- Fixed problem with first brush stroke's pressure/opacity when using keyboard shortcuts

- CC2021 support
- Improved handling of trimmed layers

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