Upgrade to MagicPicker 5
Industry standard artist's solution
New framework with better performace! MagicPicker 5.3 optimized for Adobe Creative Cloud CC2015.5Adobe CC 2018 platform (CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC/2014/2015/2017 too)

HSB, HSL, YUV, Color names etc. New color spaces & color name on color wheel (optional)
HSB, RGB, CMYK, Name, HSL, YUV, YCbCr, XYZ & Copy to clipboard.
Photoshop: Colorize Shapes and Text
Control Shapes
on professional level in

Colorize Shapes & Text with Hue° and Cold/Warm control for multiple shapes at once. The way it was meant to be!
MagicPicker: Retina, HiDPI, 4K, 5K support Beautiful, scalable Retina, HiDPI, 4K, 5K+ hi-res design
New pixel perfect icons, refined modern design for any resolution
Instant Interactive Help
Point and click on any UI element with direct access to tutorials!
Improved and updated: Link foreground & background works with eyedropper and Brush Color Dynamics UI is 2X faster in various scenarios
of recent MagicPicker got improved
K-LockK-Lock: Remove/keep black level of CMYK in any color for vivid reproduction - works with Shapes
Tone Lock (watch video) keeps color’s tone while changing hue, works with shapes and text!
Leap Motion Controller support! Change colors in the air with your fingers – requires Leap Motion Controller & Ethereal
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MagicPicker 4 - advanced color wheel and color picker for Photoshop and Illustrator
Also in this version (version history)

Exchange colors for shapes, exchange with transparency • Shapes & Text colorizing works with Tone Lock and K-Lock. • Switchable button on the left bottom corner to display color space values • Color names are displayed by X11/HTML standard • Copy color values to clipboard with one click from the color wheel • Interactive help from MagicPicker menu: Click on any UI element to get full tutorial with description how to use it and what it means • MagicPicker Lets assign tranparent color to Fill/Stroke • Assign transparent color in Illustrator and for Photoshop shapes/vectors with Ctrl/Cmd Click • More UI improvements and fixes for dialogs • Fixed various small bugs, including B&W button behavior when BIG colors are on • Added animations • Fixed b&w button when using big swatches • RGB/HSB rulers now can be scaled even more! • Fixed disappearing background color • Better compatibility with CC2017 & CC2015.5 • Fixed icons on HiDPI and Retina displays for Illustrator CC2015/2015.3 • New indicator for transparency in Photoshop and Illustrator • Fixed MagicPicker icon on Illustrator CC 2015+ • Improved and fixed small bugs in Photoshop and Illustrator on all Adobe Creative Suite/Creative Cloud versions