MagicPicker changes history
NEW IN version 6.0/6.1/6.2/6.3/6.4

 NEW! LDT-Cube Color Picker - first of a kind perceptual color space for digital artists.
   Allows you to pick separately on three Light, Dark and Temperature-based color sides at the same time!
   Light/Dark sides are tone-locked so you can easily change color's saturation while keeping color's brightness.
   * Move horizontally to adjust brightness
   * Move vertically to adjust saturation while keeping brightness
   * Top side adjusts color temperature

 NEW! Slight color adjustment with Shift+click on the inner side of color wheel (box, triangle, etc).
      The color pointer moves towards the cursor.

 NEW! Keyboard Shortcuts to main MagicPicker functions. Now with one click do the following:
   * Increase/decrease Color Temperature
   * Increase/decrease Color Brightness
   * Increase/decrease Color Saturation
   * Toggle Color Scheme
   * Toggle Tone Lock
   * Toggle K-Lock
   * Toggle Compact Mode
   * Toggle RGB/HSB
   * Switch between Color Wheel Triangle/Box/Diamond/Color Temperature/LDT Cube modes
   * Copy current color's Hex value to Clipboard
   * Switch Color Wheel / Color Box (Pane)
   * Toggle MagicPicker panel on/off

   All shortcuts are assignable straight inside MagicPicker Settings in an easy-to-use dialog (one click away settings).
   Adjust steps for parameters increase/decrease from the same dialog.
   All shortcuts work even if Document or any other panel selected, no need to click on MagicPicker, just keep it open.
   You can assign shortcut to open MagicPicker panel.
   You can asssign special keys of extended Keyboards and devices that emulate key presses.
   Follow our tutorials for troubleshooting and additional details:

 NEW! Super clean stylish look with new PRO Mode.
   Hide all buttons and move UI elements out of your way! Click MagicPicker menu -> PRO Mode to toggle it.

 NEW! Added new color spaces to the color wheel values display pane:
   * Pantone P Solid Coated/Uncoated
   * Pantone Solid Coated/Uncoated
   * L*c*h*

 NEW! Tooltips for UI elements! You can switch them off in Settings if you thing they're too much. You will
   still have Interactive Help.

   Fixed issues when switching back from Compact Mode
   Fixed clicking on b&w boxes and button in BIG color mode
   Improved Colorize Shapes & Text mode in varios scenarios with complex Photoshop documents
   Improved performance
   Better integration with most recent updates from Adobe, Microsoft and Apple (Windows/Mac)
   * 6.1 - Improved Color Temperature algorithm when adjusting it with keyboard shortcuts
   * 6.1 - Adjustable steps for Keyboard Shortcuts that adjust Color Brightness, Hue etc. are now saved correctly
           on all versions of Photoshop
   * 6.1 - Improved Keyboard Shortcuts binding in Adobe Illustrator
   * 6.2 - Blank panel fix on Photoshop CS5/CS6
   * 6.2 - Keyboard Shortcuts optimizations
   * 6.3 - Significant UI performance boost (new framework) on Photoshop/Illustrator CC, all versions. Especially on CC 2018+
   * 6.3 - UI improvement in Keyboard Shortcuts dialog on Photoshop CS6
   * 6.3 - Improved Black & White button behavior in BIG colors mode
   * 6.3 - Fixed problem with clicking Background color swatch in BIG colors mode
   * 6.3 - Fixed problem with wrong CMYK values on Illustrator in some scenarios
   * 6.3 - On Illustrator CC and higher currently selected color swatch is now correctly displayed on the top
   * 6.3 - Improved panel title display in Compact Mode
   * 6.3 - Greatly improved and optimized Compact Mode in different scenarios, especially when quickly moving
           cursor around the panel
   * 6.3 - Improved LDT Cube behavior when using eyedropper in some scenarios
   * 6.4 - UI Performance improved, invalid signature ("The extension could not be loaded because it
           was not signed correctly") problem fixed

NEW IN versions 5.0/5.1/5.2/5.3

   NEW! Colorize Shapes and Text in Photoshop (activated from menu).
        * Colorize individual shapes with color feedback.
        * Control hue of groups of shapes - shift hue and color temperature.
        * Works with Tone Lock and K-Lock.
        * Lets assign tranparent color to Fill/Stroke
        * Works with text, lets change multiple shape and text layers at the same tume
   NEW! Assign transparent color in Illustrator and for Photoshop shapes/vectors with
        Ctrl/Cmd Click
        Exchange colors for shapes, exchange with transparency
   NEW! New color spaces and color values on the corner of the wheel.
        * Switchable button on the left bottom corner
        * HSB, RGB, CMYK, YCbCr, YUV, XYZ
        * Color names display (X11/HTML standard)
        * Copy values to clipboard with one click
   NEW! Interactive help (activated from menu)
        * Click on any UI element to get full tutorial with description how to use it
        and what it means
   NEW! Full Retina support! Fine beautiful icons - icons got a HiDPI treatment.
        Use it on Mac 5K and Retina and 4K displays on Windows & Mac
        * Improved performance on Retina and HiDPI/4K/6K displays
   NEW! BG/FG link now works when using eyedropper - perfect helper when using Brush
        with Color Dynamics. Underlying framework has been rewritten from scratch
        to support CC2015.5, newest and upcoming
        versions of the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
   Performance improved, 2X faster in many scenarios - when scaling etc.
   K-Lock now correctly works with the eyedropper in all scenarios and document color modes
   More UI improvements and fixes for dialogs
   Fixed various small bugs, including B&W button behavior when BIG colors are on
   Added animations
   Fixed b&w button when using big swatches
   RGB/HSB rulers now can be scaled even more!
   Fixed disappearing background color
   Better compatibility with CC2017 & CC2015.5
   Fixed icons on HiDPI and Retina displays for Illustrator CC2015/2015.3
   New indicator for transparency in Photoshop and Illustrator
   Fixed MagicPicker icon on Illustrator CC 2015+
   Improved and fixed small bugs in Photoshop and Illustrator on all Adobe Creative Suite and
   Creative Cloud versions
    5.1 - Improved Color Temperature Wheel behavior
    5.1 - Improved interactive help
    5.1 - MagicPicker now correctly detects if shape is selected in all possible cases
    5.1 - Fixed oversized text problems when changing text color in Photoshop with MagicPicker
    5.1 - Fixed problems with oversized Tone Lock icon
    5.1 - Improved K-Lock behavior with eyedropper
    5.1 - Improved and speeded up animations
    5.1 - Improved performance on CS6, CS5, CS4 and CS3
    5.1 - Improved YUV and Color names on the wheel
    5.2 - Improved and speeded up sliders on Photoshop CC2015.5/Illustrator CC2015.3
    5.2 - Improved installation on Illustrator CC2015.3
    5.2 - Faster shape selection detection
    5.2 - Faster selection of background color swatch in BIG swatches mode
    5.2 - R/G/B, H/S/B, C/M/Y/K boxes are now faster on Photoshop CC2015.5
    5.2 - RGB/HSB Sliders on the bottom are now scaled correctly
    5.2 - Fixed gray window on Photoshop CS4
    5.2 - Interactive Help now correctly shows interactive tips on color name and YUV values
    5.3 - Improved right-click behavior in Color Scheme mode
    5.3 - Improved support for Adobe Creative Suite CC 2017
    5.3 - Improved Compact Mode
    5.3 - Improved activation
    5.3 - Greatly improved overall UI speed especially on CC2018
    5.3 - Fixed linking background and foreground in Traditional Color Wheel mode
    5.3 - Improved Color Temperature Wheel in different scenarious
    5.3 - Improved loading time of the panel

NEW IN versions 4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4/4.5

   NEW! 64 fps color wheel/panel refresh rate when picking colors in Photoshop CC 2014 & CC 2015
   NEW! K-Lock lets you lock the K value of the CMYK color representaion for better printing control
   NEW! Full Adobe Photoshop CC 2015/2014 and Illustrator CC 2015/2014 support!
   NEW! New Color Temperature Wheel 
    New mode lets you limit color shades to the specific temperature while changing 
    coldness/warmness of the color
   NEW! Advanced Tone Lock (Tone Lock 2.0)
    * Use Tone Lock on the HSB/RGB sliders (using SHIFT or button on the panel)
    * Change Saturation while keeping the Tone of color intact
    * Use Tone Lock with color schemes
    * Use Tone Lock in Linked Background/Foreground mode
   NEW! BIG color swatches - see bigger foreground and background colors while choosing 
   and after choosing them
   UI fixes and improvements 
   Improved mouse behavior on the Traditional Color Wheel
   Reworked Flyout menu
   Ctrl/Cmd-click now doesn't select the complentary colors on the wheel - 
   instead it just picks them. Now you can easily assign complementary color to the 
   background by clicking Alt+Ctrl/Cmd
   A lot of improvements to the panel design, UI and Flyout menu for all 4 color themes 
   in PS and support for dynamic themes in Illustrator
   Flyout menu is now more advanced
   Improved performance on CS4 and CS3
   Various improvements and bug fixes
   Improved behavior of the panel on Retina and HiDPI displays
   Fixed panel behavior on Cintiq/Cintiq Companion when using fingers
   Decreased opening time 
   * 4.1 - Added ALT-click to quickly switch to the Color Temperature Wheel mode
   * 4.1 - Improved color wheel behavior on Windows 
   * 4.1 - Fixed a problem on selected configurations when clicking on the 
           circle pointer and moving it was unresponsive or too slow
   * 4.1 - Fixed performance issues on CC2014
   * 4.1 - Fixed a problem with the first click and Wacom tablet/pressure on Windows
   * 4.1 - Small fixes and improvements
   * 4.2 - Fixed an issue with color schemes on CC and lower
   * 4.2 - Improved performance for a couple of scenarios on Mac and PC
   * 4.2 - Improved UI performance for HiDPI and Retina displays
   * 4.3 - Significantly improved performance on Photoshop CC 2014 under Windows
   * 4.3 - Color Schemes and keyboard interaction improvements
   * 4.3 - Fixed small bugs
   * 4.4 - Improved handling of multiple objects in Illustrator
   * 4.4 - More precise color handling for Illustrator CMYK document mode
   * 4.4 - Improved activation
   * 4.4 - Improved compact mode on CC platform
   * 4.4 - K-Lock
   * 4.4 - Color shifting of the H(SB) and color temperature for multiple objects in Illustrator

NEW IN version 3.0/3.1

  NEW! Magic Tone Lock - lock tone of color when changing its hue
       Activate Tone Lock with a button or press SHIFT
  NEW! Color box mode for color wheel
  NEW! Diamond mode for color wheel
  NEW! Sliders can now display scales by clicking small triangles
  NEW! Now you can switch on/off 12 basic colors in Traditional Color Wheel mode 
  NEW! Adobe Illustrator Support (Adobe Illustrator CS6, Illustrator CS5, Illustrator CS5.5, 
       Illustrator CS4 and Illustrator CS3 are supported)
  NEW! Leap Motion support (requires Ethereal) - change colors in the air with your fingers
        (check http://drivenpixels.com/ethereal)
  OH BOY! Speeded up! Color picking now is at its maximum speed!

   Faster RGB/HSB sliders
   Fixed small bug with RGB/HSB sliders
   New behavior when hiding/showing sliders and numerical boxes
   Sliders now can be scaled down to a thin line
   Fixed issue with color preview
   Fixed a very rare crash on Photoshop CS6
   Sliders now open outside, expanding MagicPicker's boundaries
   Fixed small bugs, improved performance and various parts of the UI
   Optimized behavior of the panel when it's very small
   Fixed problems with resizing panel on Photoshop CS3/Illustrator CS3
   Improved panel design on Photoshop CS3/Illustrator CS3
   Improved Compact Mode on CS3 software
   Dramatically improved opening time on Photoshop CS3/Illustrator CS3
   Fixed problems with Photoshop x64 on Windows
   * 3.1 - Improved Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC support
   * 3.1 - Assign keyboard shortcut to MagicPicker!
   * 3.1 - Improved loading performance!
   * 3.1 - Small UI fixes
   * 3.1 - Fixed a small glitch on selected ATI Radeon cards on Windows
   * 3.1 - Change values in HSB/RGB boxes by holding and moving mouse up/down
   * 3.1 - Fixed color changing on Illustrator for Text and Compound Paths
   * 3.1 - Improved speed and behavior of the color pane in HSB and RGB modes
   * 3.1 - Improved HSB/RGB modes behavior with eyedropper

NEW IN version 2.2
 - Copy HEX value of the color with one click on "#" button
 - Calibrated monitors support on Mac OS X 10.8+ and Windows 7+
 - Better support for Photoshop CS6 
 - Photoshop Swatches bug fix on CS5.5 and lower
 - Fixed bug with pointers locking up in Color Schemes
 - Small bug fixes and speed improvements

NEW IN version 2.1
 - NEW!! Traditional Color Wheel (RYB) - MagicPicker is the only panel bringing it to Photoshop.
   Did you know that most of computer based color schemes and color wheels do not correspond 
   to Fine Art ones? MagicPicker now allows you to find colors and schemes the way you learned 
   it in Fine Art. You can build unique color schemes based on intuitive real world paints behavior.

 - SPEED UP! MagicPicker is now fantastically faster. Opens immediately. Much faster in every aspect
 - You can rotate wheel so the red points up
 - Support for Photoshop CS6 
 - Other fixes: 
   color swatches fix 
   minor fixes, improvements and optimizations
   UI is adjusted and improved
   fixed minor issue when exchanging colors
   fixed several bugs including accurate positioning of color dot on the edges of triangle 
NEW IN version 2.0
 - NEW! Color Schemes
   Triad, Complement, Tetrad, Analogic and Accented Analogic
   Automatically find and choose supplementary colors
   (Ctrl-Click, Right-Click or Double-click)
 - NEW! Attach Panels - Anastasiy's panels now can be attached to MagicPicker and used together
   in Compact Mode 
 - NEW! Hide buttons on the toolbar of MagicPicker with a click of
   an arrow. 
 - FASTER color triangle and color wheel 
 - improvements in setting colors when foreground and background are linked 
 - speed improvements and optimizations in picking current colors from Photoshop
 - panel now returns keyboard focus back to document in Photoshop CS5 after choosing color
 - faster and more reliable pointers positioning on color wheel
 - RGB sliders are now much much faster
 - Color sampling from canvas is now available on all platforms for CS4 users
 - improved gradient triangle of color wheel
 - changes in panel structure - to support newer Creative Suite CS5.5
 - speeded up panel loading and fixed flickering when panel was being opened
 - MagicPicker now updates itself when color is changed by opened Anastasiy's panel 
 - Improved triangle on CS3
 - Panel is now resizable on Photoshop CS3
 - Panel now updates itself automatically when color is changed in Photoshop CS3
 - Color Wheel is now 2x faster on Photoshop CS3
 - Revolutionary changes in CS3 support. 
   In CS3 Now available: Compact Mode, Attach Panels and all items of Fly-Out Menu!
 - bug fixes

NEW IN version 1.2 
 - small bug fixes for Japanese and all international users
 - minor issues with color wheel are fixed
 - fixed issue when exchanging colors ('X' shortcut) in Photoshop CS5

NEW IN version 1.1
 - new Compact Mode for CS5/CS4 with only two colors visible and panel enlarges automatically
   when moving mouse around - activated from Menu -> Compact Mode
 - CS5 support
 - new color is now displayed side by side with the old one, while changing
 - new "Switch Foreground and Background Colors" and "Default Foreground and Background Colors"
 - for print designers  - CMYK colors are now get profiled based on currently chosen 
   Photoshop CMYK profile. Use it only when needed as it will slow down the panel
 - great speed improvement for H & S color modes when using Color Pane
 - minor bug fixes, including keyboard when using panel, registration
   and autocolor update when colors are exchanged ("x" key)
 - other small optimizations 

Initial public release 1.0
 - color box for choosing colors in a non-modal panel
 - HEX/RGB/CMYK values for precise picking of colors
 - color wheel 
 - RGB/HSB color modes
 - adjustable panel - choose the parts you need and close the others
 - arbitrary scaling of the panel - box and color wheel accommodates all the space
 - RGB/HSB sliders with adjustable size
 - special technique to avoid crashing on Photoshop CS4
 - Photoshop CS3 abd CS4 support

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