Upgrade to MagicSquire 4
Your brush organizing agent in Adobe Photoshop
MagicSquire 4.5 is the one and only full-featured brush HUD manager with tags & collections on AdobeĀ® Photoshop

MagicSquire HUD icon
HUD popup(CC-only)
under cursor. Quickly shows quickly hides
Anywhere you move — MagicSquire stays with you and lets focus on your art
just assign keyboard shortcut to "HUD show/hide"
MagicSquire for Photoshop: Sticky Brushes on keyboard shortcuts "Sticky" Brushes
Active temporarily when you hold a shortcut. Deactivate on key up. Keep frequent brushes on quick keyboard shortcuts
MagicSquire 4 right-click menu: Duplicate Preset, Delete, New Eraser From Brush, Duplicate Group New powerful right-click features
do repetative tasks with 1 click
Smarter Live Search
auto-search closed groups
Auto-close panel after brush selection
• Load all brush files into single group
• Reset path to data folder
MagicSquire for Photoshop Settings dialog with Sticky HUD for brushes
Also Sticky HUD mode, press shortcut to show
and release to immediately hide MagicSquire

MagicSquire for Photoshop - Sticky HUD and keyboard shortcuts for brushes
Activate HUD with new button. Sticky Shortcuts are available in New/Edit Brush dialog
More updates and new features:

Apple M1 support
Fixed popups/errors
Workspaces Support
Better dialogs
Brush Update improved
Double clicks fixed
Better messaging
Better macOS support
PRO Mode improved
Faster UI
2021 support
HUD powered by OpenGL/Metal
HUD is resizable
Assign Any Shortcut to HUD
HUD supports Retina and HiDPI
PRO Mode in HUD
Surface Pro optimized
MacBook Pro optimized
Wacom/non-Wacom Support
UI Fixes
Faster Loading
HDR & XDR displays optimized
CC, CS5, CS6
Optimized for older computers
Energy Saving support
HUD without running main panel
Better data handling
Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC, CC2014, CC2015, CC2017, CC2018, CC2019, 2020, 2021+
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MagicSquire 4 - brush management HUD in Adobe Photoshop
Also in this version (version history)

Fixed various error popups when creating brushes, loading/exporting brushes - Improved Keyboard Shortcut handling with multiple Photoshop Workspaces - Improved New/Edit dialog, removed empty space - Improved Horizontal list mode in different scenarios with Collections - Fixed visual issues related to opening/closing groups - Fixed visual problems in New/Edit dialog when there are too many tags - Fixed issues related to new Photoshop CC2020 21.1 when updating Tool Presets - Fixed problem with Updating erasers and other Tool Presets (including erasers with Dual Brush feature enabled) - Improved icons, made more visually consistent in Photoshop CC2020 21.1+ - Double-clicking (instead of single-clicking) on various buttons led to problems - fixed - Correct messages now displayed when exporting size-only brushes - Now MagicSquire correctly requires to uncheck "Current Tool Only" when Updating erasers and other tools - Fixed problem with overlapping buttons over search field for specific panel sizes - Added more support keyboard shortcuts on macOS - Improved MagicSquire UI here and there - Improved open/save dialogs on Photoshop CC2020+ - Added Keyboard Shortcut for Sticky HUD and HUD