Upgrade to MagicSquire 5
Your brush organizing agent in Adobe Photoshop
MagicSquire 5.2 is the unique brush HUD control & panel with groups, tags & collections on Adobe® Photoshop

MagicSquire for Photoshop: Popup with controls of all Brush parameters
Supercool custom mini Brush Control
  • Works as HUD too
  • Can pop up under mouse/stylus
  • Fully customizable,
  • Use key shortcut, mouse wheel

Opacity, Flow, Spacing, Size... you add what you need!
Mass-tag and
of multiple selected presets

on right-click

Drag Photoshop Brushes beyound panel, change Brush values
Drag with

Start drag’n’dropping brushes or groups and the list will scroll up or down
Supports Groups of Brushes in Photoshop .ABR files (icon) Load groups
from .ABR filesTo (corresponding) MagicSquire groups
Collapse/Expand Brush Groups in Photoshop Close/Open all groups at onceFrom menu
Search Photoshop brushes by tags or text, clear search field “x” button to quickly clear search field (yes! finally)
MagicSquire Settings dialog in Photoshop improved Improved Settings dialog
MagicSquire 5.0 - most reliable Brush Manager for Photoshop Massively fixed and improved UI, loading files, exporting groups, creating presets
Fixed Errors
Seriously Speeded Up
Better Dialogs
Improved by Your Feedback
New 2021 Support
Brush Loading/Creation Fixes
Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC, CC2014, CC2015, CC2017, CC2018, CC2019, 2020, 2021+
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MagicSquire 5 - brush management HUD in Adobe Photoshop
Also in this version (version history)

- Saves and restores Painting Mode (Multiply/Overlay/Screen etc) of the Brush - Greatly improved right-click menu behavior, especially when multiple brushes are selected - Fixed various dialogs, improved paddings and buttons - Fixed a long standing but rare problem when brushes loaded from files become missing - Speeded up brush selection on large collections. - Speeded up display of large amounts of brushes, even more - "Edit Tags" dialog now renamed to "Edit Preset" - Fixed a problem when button in the empty group became unclickable - Correctly switches Collections when Edit Collections dialog is open - Keeps List View Mode synced between HUD and normal panel - Now doesn't open by itself on Photoshop startup in some scenarios - Fixed problems when clicking Cancel in Settings dialogs (some values weren't cancelled) - Fixed problems when loading brushes from various .ABR and .TPL files, especially when loading non-brush tool presets