MagicPicker Lite
A special version of MagicPicker for Illustrator and Photoshop CC 2015 & CC 2014. – our advanced color picker and color wheel.

MagicPicker Lite is now a part of MagicPicker 4.0+. It includes full Photoshop CC2015/CC2014 support (Illustrator too!), new color wheel mode for easy selection of cold and warm colors and Tone Lock that lets you keep color's tone while changing its hue and saturation.

Please get full MagicPicker here

Currently supported (v3.1.18): Live color preview, RGB/HSB, Sliders, Color Wheel, Box and Triangle color pickers on the color wheel, numerical boxes. Other features are on the way stay tuned! *If you have regular version of MagicPicker 4, you can get MagicPicker Lite for free! With the same serial number.