MagicSquire changes history

    Various optimizations and speed improvements to UI & loading brushes,
    in many scenarios speed improved by 5x, especially on Photoshop CC 2014/2015/2017
    Loading of multiple brush files at once is now supported
    New default colors for groups!
    Fixed Compact Mode on Photoshop CC 2017.1.1 and above
    Fixed messaging
    Small bug fixes

    Drag'n'drop of multiple brushes is now supported
    Deleting multiple brushes is finally supported
    Fixed a bug connected to Photoshop's bug with "sample data not found" message on specific .tpl files
    Fixed varios UI conflicts connected to dialogs
    Improved drag'n'drop on CS5 and CS6 for Wacom, Huion and Ugee tablets
    Improved compatibility with .tpl files
    Multiple performance improvements

VERSION 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5
    NEW! Supports Tools Presets: Brush, Mixer Brush, Smudge, Eraser, Pencil, etc.
    NEW! Brushes/Tools display modes: Long list view with Brush/Tool names and Short view
         Direct editing of Brush/Tool names by double-clicking
    NEW! Load .TPL files and add various Tools from Photoshop
    NEW: Touchless Compact Mode - use MagicSquire as a right-click brush panel replacement
    NEW: Alt-click on the brush to use it as Eraser or any other Tool
    NEW! Significantly improved speed when: creating a new brush, loading .abr/.tpl files!
    Tooltips, when hovering over brushes the tooltip will show brush name
    Improved data storage behavior and improved performance when saving large brush sets
    Support of wider range of brushes, including 16-bit and brushes from older versions of Photoshop
    Better support of Dual Brushes
    UI performance improvement
    Significant performance improvements when creating new brush
    Group colors handling improved on CS5/CS6
    Significantly improved panel behavior on Photoshop CS5/CS6
    Improved drag'n'drop on CS5/CS6
    Organize brushes in groups
    Change group colors
    Add/remove/update brushes from Photoshop functionality
    Rearrange with drag'n'drop
    Supports extended brush (tool preset) parameters - flow, opacity etc.
    Renders 4 different types of brush strokes
    Loads .ABR files
    Prefined Size-only brushes
    Hi-Res brush rendering
    Supports Retina/HiDPI/4K/5K displays
    Powered by MagicPicker engine
    New Brushes/Tools display modes: Long list view with Brush/Tool names and Short view
    Direct editing of Brush/Tool names by double-clicking
    Now you can assign arbitrary colors to the groups by editing MagicSquire.json
    in Documents folder. Change "colorCode" to a hex RGB value like "#3197FF"
    (in quotes)
    Improved format of MagicSquire.json groups description, made it human readable on CC2014 and above
    (CS5/CS6 .json improvement is coming with next updates)
    Improved handling and display of Pencil presets
    Improved UI on CS5, CS5.5 and CS6
    Improved panel behavior when there are many groups of brushes on CS6
    Panel now supports more .abr types
    Various UI improvements and speedups

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