Features of MagicSquire 1.7
Supports Apple Mac OS X Supports Microsoft Windows Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 support Photoshop CC support Photoshop CS6 support Photoshop CS5 support
MagicSquire is an elegant solution that lets you sort, organize and keep your brushes in folders. Assign colors to folder. Load .abr and .tpl files. Supports Adobe Photoshop CC2017, CC2015, CC2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, Mac, PC (all Windows). Creative Cloud & Creative Suite. The perfect brush companion for your Modbook or Surface!
Anastasiy's panels are widely used since 2008 inside Disney Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, Dreamworks, Epic Games, Crytek, Marvel Comics, Activision, Aardman Animations, by well-known concept artists such as Craig Mullins, Alex Broeckel, Craig Shoji and many others: read all quotes.

Video is worth a million pictures! MagicSquire 1.0 in action

Three list view modes in MagicSquire 1.5

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