MixColors changes history
NEW IN v2.0/2.1/2.2/2.3/2.4
- Adobe Photoshop CC 2015+ and CC 2014 support -
  MixColors has been rewritten from scratch to support new Adobe Creatve Cloud platform
- Color groups - the most simple and intuitive color group management with drag'n'drop support
- Sync colors and color groups with the Cloud - safe 256-bit encryption on the server side!
- Color mixing improved - next-gen color mixing formula for faster and more accurate results
- A lot fix fixes and performance improvements by your feedback
- Fixed different bugs with the swatches
- Swatches field got a darker background
- New icon
- History button state is now preserved between panel launches
- Improved export/import of swatches into/from Photoshop
- Improved dragging and dropping of swatches
- Improved large/small swatch size modes
- Improved color group handling
- Speeded up!
- Improved compatibility with recent updates to Adobe Creative Cloud
- Improved Compact Mode
- Minor improvements and fixes to the UI
- Fixed blank panel and signature problems on Photoshop CS6

NEW IN v1.2
- New improved design
- Improved color mixing algorithm
- Full compatibility with Adobe Creative Cloud and Photoshop CC
- Performance improvements
- Improved panel behavior when it's very small
- UI improvements for small displays
- UI optimizations

NEW IN v1.1
- Open speed is increased dramatically 
- Full Photoshop CS6 Dark UI support
- now the panel can be extremely scaled down vertically so only color swatches 
  are visible and nothing else             
- Calibrated monitors support on Mac OS X 10.8+ and Windows 7+
- Photoshop Swatches bug fix on CS5.5 and lower 
- Fixed bug with mixing very close colors
- small bug fixes and speed improvements

- Mixes colors like it is in real life! - physically-accurate color mixing -
  oils/pastels/watercolor/etc emulation for paints. Works very fast with 
  the new complex color mixing engine. 
- Mix color directly with photoshop eyedropper! - pick a color and it quickly 
  mixes to the current one - the most intuitive color mixing ever
- Displays history of all colors you used (along with undo/redo buttons for
- Compact Mode! Panel takes only 2cm of the screen and expands automatically
  when mouse is over it
- Attach other panels (like MagicPicker) and use two panels as one
  (very convenient in Compact Mode) - from the menu
- Color swatches - prepare colors like you do it on real life palette
  and mix them 
- Drop swatches from the bottom line to mix them to current color
- Add/Delete swatches with ease
- Change size of the swatches from the menu
- Quickly adjust the amount of paint for mixing
  (With long-mouse-click)
- Mix color with black, increase/decrease saturation with two sliders
- Import/export colors from/to Photoshop swatches
- Mix colors from Photoshop by clicking directly on the color box on the panel

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